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Welcome to our new website, Deep Earth Treasures! Here we are passionate about providing authentic and rare crystals and minerals suited to refined collectors tastes and take great pride in acquiring the finest, most unique and attractive natural treasures for you to display and admire. We uphold our commitment to three distinct core values that set us apart from many traders on the market; to provide genuinely natural, rare and unique crystals and minerals you can be proud to own.

Large Namibian Bumblebee Sodalite Sphere - 102mm, 1410g

A bumblebee sodalite sphere, a rare variety of sodalite displaying yellow calcite banding patterns.
Locality: Namibia, Diameter: 102mm, Weight: 1410g


Always Authentic, Guaranteed

All of the crystals and minerals available on our store are guaranteed authentic and genuinely natural. Whilst many crystals available on the market are treated in various ways to change their colour or form, or are even man-made and completely artificial, our commitment to authenticity means you can be assured that none of our specimens have been subjected to such treatments and are truly Earth-made as they should be. One of the most extensively faked crystals in the world today is citrine, with heat-treated amethyst fakes accounting for virtually all but a small handful of what is sold; however, we proudly source all of our citrine from reliable African and Madagascan mines that produce this true, rare and desirable golden gem. Our zero tolerance policy for these deceptive practices originates from our core principle that the value and appeal of these natural works of art is that they are just that, naturally beautiful with no need for such harsh processing, and we promise to uphold this commitment forevermore. For more information, see our quality guarantee.

A genuine citrine crystal from D.R. Congo displaying internal rainbow reflections.
Locality: D.R. Congo, Height: 55mm, Weight: 65g

Rare & Unique

At Deep Earth Treasures, we have a passion for seeking rare, unique and exceptional crystals and minerals that stand out from the more common specimens typically found on the market. Many of these specimens are exclusive, limited mine finds, handcrafted artisan creations and peculiar yet characterful curiosities that feel truly distinctive and special. One such crystal of particular interest is our prized Zimbabwean morganite display freeform, the largest of only three made worldwide, championing the best of rarity, artisan craftsmanship and individuality. Whilst by their very nature rare specimens are scarce and often difficult to come by, we are determined in our search to find these one of a kind specimens and are continually seeking the finest treasures we can acquire for the discriminating collectors cabinet or mantlepiece.


A rare polished standing morganite display freeform
Locality: Zimbabwe, Height: 235mm, Weight: 4130g


Exceptional Quality

In a market all too often dominated by seemingly endless counterfeits, defective and unsightly, substandard crystals and minerals, attractive or even acceptable specimens can be difficult to find for the discerning collector. At Deep Earth Treasures, we cater to a wide variety of budgets and personal tastes whilst remaining committed to our strict standards of quality and strive to provide you with some of the finest and most exceptional specimens we are able to acquire. Aesthetics and condition are key factors we take into consideration when selecting our stock, and we tediously sift through vast quantities of available crystals and minerals to offer you only the top grade treasures for your collection.

An exceptional candle quartz cluster displaying twelve terminations in a dramatic splayed form.
Locality: Ansirabe, Madagascar, Height: 120mm, Weight: 1295g


 We look forward to providing rare, unique, exceptional and genuinely natural crystals to discerning collectors worldwide for many years to come. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or queries please let us know using the Contact Us page, we greatly appreciate your interest and will aim to answer them as soon as possible.

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