Madagascan Moonstone Rough Natural Specimen - 38mm, 90g

Madagascan Moonstone Rough Natural Specimen - 38mm, 90g

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Locality - Madagascar
Size – 38 x 30 x 28mm
Weight – 90g

This Madagascan moonstone specimen displays milky white colour and subtle translucency with good glossy lustre, intricate textures and small but vivid rainbows (as photographed) reflecting from the alternating layers within. 

About Moonstone

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar that most commonly appears white or colourless and translucent with a pearly effect. It is composed of two varieties of feldspar - orthoclase and albite - that separate into stacked, alternating layers as the mineral forms and cools. When light enters the moonstone and falls between these layers, it is scattered and reflected, creating the attractive, bright shimmering effect that the stone is most know for, the 'adularescence' effect.