Large Mugglestone Tiger Iron 'Jupiter Jasper' Sphere - 81mm, 780g

Large Mugglestone Tiger Iron 'Jupiter Jasper' Sphere - 81mm, 780g

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Locality – Northern Cape, South Africa
Size – 81mm
Weight – 780g

This tiger iron sphere displays attractive, neat, multicoloured banding patterns in sandy ochre yellow, earthy brown and bold, brick red tones. It has been superbly polished to a high luster and carved to a perfect ball shape. This South African variety of tiger iron, also known as 'mugglestone' from its origin at Muggle Farm, is a rare material scarce on the market today. This sphere will be send provided with the wooden sphere stand as seen in the photos.

About Tiger Iron

Tiger iron, also known as 'Jupiter jasper', is a rare and incredibly unique mineral composed of yellow tiger's eye, red jasper and metallic silver hematite. It forms in bands, with the finest specimens showing perfect neat stripes, and has an incredibly attractive appearance that has resulted in it's popularity as a gemstone in jewellery and ornaments. This mineral is found only in Western Australia and South Africa, though many sources will wrongly state the former as its exclusive locality. A unique variety of South African tiger iron is known as 'mugglestone' as it is found on Muggle farm owned by Mr and Mrs Muggle. It is speculated by some to be a type of stromatolite; a layered formation of fossilized algae and sediment.