Madagascan Amazonite Freeform Palm Stone - 65mm, 137g

Madagascan Amazonite Freeform Palm Stone - 65mm, 137g

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Locality - Madagascar
Size – 65 x 61 x 26mm
Weight – 137g

This Madagascan amazonite freeform features light sea blue colour with a dazzlingly shimmery surface. It has been shaped to a nicely rounded freeform stone and polished to a high lustre, ideal for holding or as a display piece. There is a minor circular surface flaw on one side caused by the crystal growth, though this is a natural occurence and does not detract from the overall aesthetics of the stone.

About Amazonite

Amazonite, also known as 'amazonstone', is a translucent to opaque layered form of microcline feldspar popular with gemstone enthusiasts for its teal blue and sea green colours, which are caused by minute traces of lead and water in the crystal structure. Many specimens show white lines and alternating streaks, and some display an impressive, shimmering schiller effect on their surface in a similar fashion to labradorite. It was named after the Amazon River in South America by Spanish explorers, though rather confusingly was never discovered there, instead having been misidentified for a green stone previously found in the Amazon basin. Amazonite has frequently been mistaken for jade, however, jade does not have white streak patterns and is glossier. This mineral is found in limited deposits worldwide, although noteworthy localities of amazonite are Russia, Myanmar, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States (Colorado and Virginia).