Madagascan Eudialyte Sphere - 47mm, 141g

Madagascan Eudialyte Sphere - 47mm, 141g

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Locality - Madagascar
Size – 47mm
Weight – 141g

This sphere features pretty speckled plum purple eudialyte patterns in a smoky-tinted milky microcline matrix. It has been experlty shaped to a perfect ball and polished to a high lustre.  Eudialyte is an unusual stone and rarely seen in sphere form. This sphere will be sent accompanied with a wooden stand as shown.

About Eudialyte

Eudialyte is an incredibly rare red to light brown gemstone typically found in massive form. It's rarity is due not only to its natural scarcity but also its alkaline form, which leaves it vulnerable to dissolving in strong acids; it is for this reason that it was named after the Greek 'eu dialytos', meaning 'well dissolved'. It is often found as grains embedded a variety of igneous rocks such as aegerine, albite, natrolite and nepheline. The south-western regions of Greenland produce much of this mineral, but minute amounts are also found in Canada, Norway, Arkansas and Madagascar.