Rare One-Off Zimbabwean Morganite & Tourmaline Standing Freeform - 235mm, 4130g

Rare One-Off Zimbabwean Morganite & Tourmaline Standing Freeform - 235mm, 4130g

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Locality - Zimbabwe
Size – 235 x 146 x 79mm
Weight – 4130g

This Zimbabwean morganite freeform is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind gemstone; only three of these were ever made, with this beauty being the largest by far. It displays gorgeous, gemmy rose pink and creamy salmon pink tones throughout the entire crystal with two natural, highly contrasting greenish black schorl tourmalines intergrown in either side. It stands proudly as a stunning, unique interior decor piece, boasting an impressive height over twenty-three centimetres and weighing in over a mammoth four kilograms, and has been expertly polished over most of its surface, with some areas left rough to preserve material and natural features, and artistically shaped to an attractive, sculpural curved form. Morganite crystals are incredibly rare, and this spectacular large freeform would make a truly remarkable addition to a serious crystal connoisseurs collection, sure to impress all who behold it. You won't see another morganite like this again!

About Morganite

Morganite is the pink variety of beryl, the gemstone family that also includes emerald, aquamarine and heliodor, and along with red beryl, bixbite, it is one of the rarest beryl variants discovered. Its colour varies in shade from a soft pink to a rich salmon or pale peach tone, and though the source of its colour is not fully understood, it is widely believed to be due to trace amounts of manganese within its structure. Morganite deposits are found in Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the USA (California and Maine). Pink Beryl was first discovered in Madagascar in 1902 and named in 'Morganite' in 1911 after the banker and gemstone collector J.P. Morgan.