Rare Swaziland Nephrite Jade Sphere - 66mm, 408g

Rare Swaziland Nephrite Jade Sphere - 66mm, 408g

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Locality - Swazliand, Southern Africa
Size – 66mm
Weight – 408g

This rare Swaziland jade sphere features gorgeous, classic jade green tones throughout with marbled cloudy white details, shiny silvery gold pyrite flecks across its surface and a waxy lustre. It has been professionally polished to a high shine and shaped to perfection, making for a prized addition to any sphere collectors cabinet or an impressive natural decor piece. This jade is from a recent find in Swaziland which only produces a very limited amount of material.

About Jade

Jade is the name given to either of two green stones that are strikingly similar in appearance; jadeite and nephrite. While jadeite has a gemmy lustre, nephrite is waxier in appearance. Most Jade is mined in Myanmar, but deposits can be found around the world, with Africa and the Americas hosting many different unique varieties of the stone.

Jade in History

The name 'jade' is derived from the Spanish phrase ‘piedra de ijada’ or ‘stone of the loin’, as it was once believed to provent and protect against against kidney disease. Jade is a gemstone of much historical importance and prevalence, having significant use in many cultures worldwide, though no culture has cherished this stone to the extent of the Chinese.

For over 9000 years, jade has been a symbol of status, spirituality, purity and health in China. By 3000 BC, it became known as 'yu', or 'the royal gem', with the ancient Chinese symbol for 'emperor' being almost identical for that given to the stone.