Stromatolite 'Kambaba Jasper' Sphere - 60mm, 302g

Stromatolite 'Kambaba Jasper' Sphere - 60mm, 302g

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Locality - Madagascar
Size – 60mm
Weight – 302g

This stromatolite sphere features excellent deep, forest green and black tones in nice swirling and spotted patterning. It has been expertly shaped and polished, making for an attractive display piece. A wooden sphere stand as pictured will be provided with this sphere.

About Stromatolite

Stromatolite is a type of fossilized algae dating back 3 billion years, often seen in mounds, columns or sheet-like formations of sedimentary rock. It is widely believed that the stone known as 'kambaba' or 'crocodile' jasper is a variety of stromatolite, though there is still some dispute in the mineralogical community regarding its classification. This unique stone features deep green tones and black orbicular patterns that resembles reptile skin.