Crystal spheres are treasured by collectors, healers and interior decorators alike for their elegantly uniform shape and aesthetic display. They are crafted from select quality material by skilled artisans who meticulously carve and polish the stone to perfection. We provide an impressive variety of spheres in all stones and sizes, seeking rare and unusual specimens when possible, and all are accompanied with a complimentary wooden stand ready to display in your collection.

Crystal balls have been used by various different people for various metaphysical purposes for thousands of years. The earliest use of a crystal ball can be first attributed to the Celtic Druids who divined the future and saw omens with beryl balls. Throughout history, many diviners and fortune tellers - seers, wizards, gypsies and sorcerers - used crystal balls to see into the past and future and used for acts of clairvoyance, and to this day many people regard them highly for their believed magical properties.
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