Kambaba 'Jasper' Rhyolite Freeform Palm Stone - 48mm, 92g

Kambaba 'Jasper' Rhyolite Freeform Palm Stone - 48mm, 92g

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Locality - Madagascar
Size – 48 x 47 x 29mm
Weight – 92g

This kambaba rhyolite features swirling dark, algae green and jet black orbicular patterns with some distinctive 'eye' markings. It has been nicely polished and shaped to a pleasant rounded form, ideal for holding or as a display stone.

About Kambaba Rholite

Known incorrectly to most as kambaba 'jasper' and often marketed as 'nebula stone', kambaba rhyolite is an unusual green and black stone with attractive swirling and orbicular algae green and dark black patterns. First believed to be a jasper, then theorized to be a type of stromatolite, and most recently described as a rhyolite, the classification of this particular stone is still disputed to this day.