Namibian Superblue Sodalite Sphere - 75mm, 548g

Namibian Superblue Sodalite Sphere - 75mm, 548g

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Locality - Namibia
Size – 75mm
Weight – 548g

This Namibian sodalite sphere features impressive, deep royal blue colour throughout with creamy white patches and small streaks of reddish-orange. It has been expertly shaped and polished to a high lustre, making for an attractive decor piece. This sphere will be sent accompanied with a carved rosewood stand as shown.

About Sodalite

Sodalite is named after its sofium content and is well-known for its deep blue colouration, although it can also be grey, yellow, green or pink. Blue sodalite is the most highly prized variety and is often used in jewelry.
Sodalite is found in many localities around the world, usually in very small deposits. The most impressive, translucent sodalite, forming in well-defined crystals rather than as veins in rocks can be found exclusively in Nambia and the lavas of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.
Another notable feature note is that most sodalite will fluoresce orange under ultraviolet light.

Sodalite in History

The use of sodalite by mankind dates back for many millennia. It was traded by the Norte Chico civilization 5500 years ago, with specimens found in the city of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas, situated in modern Peru. Although little is known about the use of the stone, its blue colouration would have been rare in the region and therefore highly prized.