Madagascan Almandine Garnet Freeform Palm Stone - 53mm, 123g

Madagascan Almandine Garnet Freeform Palm Stone - 53mm, 123g

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Locality - Madagascar
Size – 53 x 40 x 26mm
Weight – 123g

This Madagascan almandine garnet freeform features deep, dark cherry red colour throughout in 'crackled', honeycomb-like patterns with some icy white quartz inclusions. It has been shaped to a smooth, rounded form and polished to a nice lustre, ideal for holding in the hand.

About Garnet

Garnet is not a single mineral, but a group of closely-related silicate minerals, including the varieties spessartine, almandine, pyrope, uvarovite, grossular and andradite. Throughout these varieties, garnet can be found in almost every colour, though most are typically red.

 Garnet in History

The mining and use of garnets in jewellery can be dated as far back as 3500BC, as it was discovered in a necklace uncovered in Egypt on the neck of a mummified body. Its name derives from the Latin word 'granatus', meaning 'pomegranate', in allusion to its shape which resemble pomegranate seeds. Myths and folklore about garnets can be found in Aztec, Roman, Egyptian and Native American cultures, and the gem has been treasured worldwide for thousands of years.