Madagascan Rhodonite Freeform Palm Stone - 45mm,  115g

Madagascan Rhodonite Freeform Palm Stone - 45mm, 115g

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Locality - Madagascar 
Size – 45 x 40 x 32mm
Weight – 115g

This rhodonite freeform features rich, salmon pink, pinkish beige and dark, metallic black tones in dendritic patterns with a subtly sparkling effect on its surface. It has been nicely shaped to a rounded form and expertly polished, ideal for holding or as a decor stone.

About Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a pink to red manganese silicate often found with metallic black manganese oxide veins within it. Its name derives from the Greek 'rhodon', meaning 'rose', in reference to its colouration. It is usually found in massive form in metamorphic rocks and contains significant amounts of iron, magnesium and calcium. Well-formed, transparent crystals of rhodonite are especially rare, most not even exceeding 1g in weight, and are highly sought after by mineral collectors. The opaque variety is popular for use in beads, cabochons and decorative carvings. Sources of gem-quality rhodonite are found in Russia, Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Sweden, Brazil, Peru, New Jersey and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where it has been named their official state gemstone.