Seftonite African Bloodstone Sphere - 65mm, 385g

Seftonite African Bloodstone Sphere - 65mm, 385g

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Locality - South Africa Madagascar
Size – 65mm
Weight – 385g

This seftonite sphere features dramatic colours and patterns with deep, blood red jasper 'shards' in a brecciated, smoky grey and dark, mossy green chalcedony matrix with creamy white patches and small, silvery metallic flecks of pyrite. It has been expertly polished to a high shine and shaped to perfection, making for an exquisite natural decor piece. Seftonite is rarely seen as spheres, so this unique piece is a true collectors piece and would be a prized addition to any crystal or sphere collection. A wooden sphere stand as pictured will be provided with this sphere.

About Seftonite

Seftonite, also commonly known as 'African bloodstone' and less so as 'heliotrope', is a variety of chalcedony usually found as dark, moss green or grey semi-translucent masses with inclusions of blood red jasper, hence its common trade name, and may also include pyrite flecks. It is prized as an ornamental gemstone and for use in jewellery for its dramatic, contrasting colours and brecciated patterns.